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Chairman’s Monthly Report


Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          December  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall December 2020 / January 2021

As we get nearer to Christmas, I could not help thinking of how the village over many years has had its own way of getting people together to celebrate this special time of year.  Services in our local churches, singing carols around the village, Christ mingle at the Coast Path Café, a get together at Cake breads.  Santa visiting on his horse drawn cart and Christmas party events at local pubs and hotels.  Just now that feels a long way off, but I feel sure that we will find ways to have some get together Christmas cheer.  As they say where there is a will there is a way, so let’s put our thinking caps on to find ways to make this Christmas special.

Whilst writing this we are in the middle of a lockdown again. Not all shops are closed this time, so some people are able to work and for some life does not seem as difficult as it did earlier this year when the first lockdown was in place. We see cars travelling the roads taking people to work and bac.  This gives some sense of normality. It is sad that pubs and restaurants are closed so soon after being allowed to re-open, lets support their efforts in providing takeaway meals.  We must believe being restricted in this way is for the greater good and will help control the virus.

Our village community is rallying around us all to provide support and help where needed. We are truly fortunate to have so many village people who are willing to take the initiative in bringing new ideas to fruition. Just today one villager had the idea that a short walk and a chat may help someone who is feeling isolated, maybe a bit lonely or bored. A good old natter in the fresh air could just be the answer.

Work on the hall is still at a standstill awaiting a spell of fine weather to remove the asbestos sheets from the roof and add the new roof covering. We have had a few fine days, but the wind has been too strong to work safely on this exposed site. We are hoping for good weather before Christmas so that the roof can be replaced and then in the new year we can decorate the interior and put in place the necessary covid 19 procedures which will allow the hall to be open safely when rules allow.

On behalf of the hall committee may I wish you a happy Christmas.

David Clough

Tel 844954


Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          November Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall November 2020

Reflecting on the year up to date it would be easy to strike a negative note because much of what we would previously have taken for granted in our village life has had to change.  We have felt that sense of frustration too because the hall has been closed.  This is not wholly because of the Virus, The building work planned for 3 months this summer would have meant a short closure anyway but we have missed organising events and getting the hall up and running once our building work was complete.  

The building work itself has been delayed because of the difficulties in the building trade.  I know it has frustrated the committee and everyone who enjoys the variety of events we usually have happening at the hall. That we have been unable to plan and organise out schedule. 

That said we all have to try and be  positive in our current situation  and I know  this is difficult but for all our sakes, particularly as we go towards winter it is important to find ways to look forwards and remember that we will get through the restriction placed on us by this awful virus. This village has shown remarkable spirit in many ways and I am sure will continue to do so as we move forwards.

Although the Village hall remains closed work on the building is progressing and the future of our hall is looking good.  We will have more space for our events when the extension is complete. Better storage for furniture and the building will be revamped to get our decorations up to date.  I mentioned in the last edition of the magazine that we were waiting for scaffold to be erected to continue with the works. We now have scaffold but also inclement weather, which means re-roofing is on hold until there is a predicted week of fine weather.  We hope this will be soon.  In the meantime, a few of us have been busy painting the outside walls on the sunny days we have had taking advantage of using the scaffold to access high areas.

One extremely difficult decision which the hall committee had had to make is whether to go ahead with the firework display on New Years Eve.  The answer is that with great reluctance we have had to cancel the fireworks.  We looked at ways to try and make it happen but considering the restrictions necessary to combat the spread of the virus it was impossible to find any way that we could put on a display which by its very nature is a crowd event.  We are so sorry to disappoint everyone, but there really was not an alternative.

Ending on a positive note.  Our village is a special place with lots of things to make us feel grateful.  The Snooker Club is enjoyed by its members, the Coast Path Café have brought joy and cheer to many people with their Cake in a Box, our local shops Cakebreads and Gorran Stores  are  amazing, the Mermaid has been there for coffee,  we enjoy wonderful Fish and Chips (best in the country) from Becky and Nathan.  The Barley Sheaf Pub battling the odds to stay open and be there to serve amazing food and drink.  We have wonderful places to walk along our coast path.  Not forgetting that anyone brave enough can get their day off to a great start with an early morning swim.  Reasons to be cheerful.

David Clough

Tel 844954

Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          October Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall October 2020

As I write this, I am just back from a lovely coastal path walk with special other and  the happy little puppy  who is never happier than when we are out on the coast path and he can run free as the wind.  We walked under blue skies and hot sun. It was one of those perfect days which we are so lucky have in abundance.  Looking out from the Dodman, with calm sea and yacht’s sailing lazily out on the water it felt an incredibly special place to be. We have experienced a lovely summer with only the occasional wet weather. So, in the midst of all the worries we must count ourselves really lucky.

The beaches and village are still busy, families have returned home but now we have different visitors who are experiencing our lovely village, finding peace and relaxation.  We hope they find a place to be happy and carefree.  Hopefully, our local shops will be recouping some of the monies lost during lockdown to enable them to survive the winter months.

A word about the wonderful village support network, headed up by Michael Bunney.  It is still ongoing so If you feel you would be able to offer help get in touch with Michael.

The Coast Path Café has had to close this summer, much to their frustration, but they have come up  with the idea of Cake in a Box to give a gift as a surprise to many people in the village.  They cannot supply everyone, but the boxes are going out each week. Who knows who might be receiving one?  If you know of someone who you would like to nominate get in touch with anyone from the Café Management team.

The Village Hall held a committee meeting last week there was much discussion about what the village hall could or could not do in the present circumstances.  There are a lot of health and safety requirements to ensure the safety of anyone using the hall.  Given that the cases of COVID-19 infections are increasing the committee have reluctantly decided that there will be no events held in the hall anytime soon, however, the New Years’  Eve fireworks spectacular will go ahead (weather permitting).

Building work on the hall extension has slowed a bit. With all the building work ongoing in the area there is a shortage of scaffolding, so the hall is suffering as scaffold is now required to progress work. I hope by the time you read this work will have started on re-roofing the hall.

Thank you all for supporting the fund raising for this work with over £11k raised locally through events and Buy a Tile. We are looking forward to being able to decorate the hall, have new stage lighting and welcome you all to events in the future.

Stay safe everyone


Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          Autumn  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall Autumn 2020

Autumn is now here, colder, wetter weather and COVID 19 restrictions still apply. Although in the South West the number of affected people is lower than the rest of the country, we still need to be proactive in keeping the virus at bay. Please follow the guidelines of wearing a mask in shops, keeping 2m apart and be aware of other people around you and respect their space.

In keeping with the COVID 19 restrictions the Hall remains closed.

I mentioned in the last edition of the magazine that we were waiting for scaffold to be erected to continue with the works. We now have scaffold but also inclement weather, which means re-roofing is on hold until there is a weeks window of fine weather. Hopefully this will be in the near future. However a few of us have been busy painting the outside walls in the odd days we have had sunshine taking advantage of using the scaffold to access high areas.

Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          June  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall June 2

Hello everyone, my name is David Clough and I have been nominated by the Memorial Hall committee to the unenviable task of taking over from Mavis as the Chair of the committee. Not easy as Mavis has been a phenomenal driving force over the last 15 years and will be greatly missed. I think you will agree that she is due a rest, although knowing Mavis she will still offer her thoughts and guidance as well as her physical presence on some future events. We will value her input. Phew!  what a time to take on a new role when we are all still in lockdown with social distancing is in full force.

So, an update as to what’s happening/not happening at the hall in the near future.

Sadly, we have had to cancel our usual spring events – Green Fingers, Egg Rolling and Quiz Night to name but a few. Our weekly activities have also had to be cancelled – Pilates, Yoga and Coffee Mornings.

The Street Fair this year is also cancelled as we have to apply for road closure well before the event and it was not clear at that time when lockdown restrictions would be lifted. The Produce show also is not able to take place. This would have been its third year and I feel the village was just starting to look forward to an annual fun event where people could show off their produce, baking and creative skills. All in a light hearted way.

As soon as we are allowed, we shall be organising some fun events and some to celebrate end of the lockdown process, not least to say a very big thankyou to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help our vulnerable and elderly residents cope.

Work on the hall extension began in mid-May only a week later than planned. It had been previously agreed not to use the hall for events during May and June to enable work on the extension, therefore, in a way lockdown has not disturbed the use of the hall except for a wedding that was planned for the first weekend in May.

The car park has been levelled to make parking easier. Around 70 tons of clay and shale has been excavated from the car park area and taken away. This has levelled the ground along the length of the area taking away the hump that made reversing into the car park difficult. The new level is now some 60cm below the ground level of the neighbouring properties which will be retained by a small block wall. A drain sump has been incorporated into the ground which will take surface water from the car park area and from the new extension roof.

By the time you read this I am hoping the extension will have been built and work started on re-roofing the hall, removing the damaged asbestos roof sheets and replacing with slate effect steel sheeting.

I hope that measures will be developed to control the Covid 19 virus in the near future and that Government guidelines will enable some of our planned events to take place.

Please watch the notice boards around the village for updates.

Please keep safe everyone, protect yourselves and others.


Tel 844954

Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          April Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall April 2020

What can I say about the start of spring. February was the wettest on record and March when I pen this its not much better, we hope that the old saying that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb. I am sure we are all relishing a few sunny days. With the problems around us all at the moment we are all going to be either self isolating or helping others with shopping, running errands etc. for friends and neighbours. By the time you read this the situation may or probably will be very different but we must all take care and look out to one another. 

As we went to press for last months magazine  we heard that after much paperwork, answering what seemed like hundreds of questions the lottery people have decided that they are giving us a grant for our building project.  With the hard work of the committee and supporters we now have the full amount to extend the building and reroof the whole of it . We thought you would like a break down of monies raised. £15,000 locally from events and some generous donations and £21,713 from the lottery. A big thank you to everyone who supports us. We are also planing to upgrade the carpark and make it easier to use. This whole project will start after the first weekend in May. There will be no parking because of the builders, loads of building supplies diggers etc. This is a health and safety requirement. The only access to the hall will be via the coast path for the duration of the work. Because of the virus lots of regular activities will be suspended till the risks have been reduced or are no more. We had already decided to suspend coffee mornings and lunches for the summer months because of the access problems but now also because of the risks of the virus. We will inform you all when things re start. By the time you read this the whole country may well be in lock down. . The first lunch back in the autumn will hopefully  be on September 3rd. We look forward to you joining us again on that day. No booking will be necessary so come and enjoy a home cooked meal with friends old and new. 

Easter Monday is normally egg rolling day. We have once again had to cancel that. April 25th is Greenfingers plant sale and coffee morning from 10am. Plants for your summer garden. If you have any spare they would always be welcome.  As yet no decision has been made. it may be that we can just have a stall out in the open air. Please watch the notice boards around the village for updates. 

April 28th at 7pm will be the halls AGM evening. This will be my last responsibility for the hall as I retire at this meeting. Please come and support us and all the hall family. The plans for the extension will be on display so join us and have a drink from the bar. David Clough will be taking my place a chairman for the hall. His telephone number is 01726 844954 he will be there to take your enquiries . I will still be around and helping where needed. 

STREET FAIR. Please note and tell everyone that this year we are changing the day to the last SUNDAY in July. 26th. We feel that this will enable more people to come,partake and enjoy it. No problems with holiday change over for our cleaners or the visitors leaving or arriving or deliveries to shops etc. Please stay safe and look after each other through this difficult time. A very big thank you to you all for your support of the hall and me over the last few years.  I am still available at the end of the phone for help and information on 843407  Mavis Taylor. 



Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          March  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall 

March is with us and so we are looking forward to spring.

As chair of the hall for about 12years ( I must check my dates! ) it is getting close to the time that I retire and pass over to a fresh pair of hands. I have decided to finish after the AGM at the end of April. I will not be staying on the committee but will still be around to help at activities in the Hall if needed.

We have been very busy this last month making preparations for the building project. The car park will be closed from the first weekend in May but most activities will continue. The car park will be a Health and Safety Hazard for the public because of diggers and building supplies so there will be no car parking or access from that end of the premises.

Sadly we have decided to stop lunch club on Thursdays after Easter because of access problems but rest assured we will start again in September.

 Men’s Pilates on Monday evenings, Coffee Mornings on Tuesdays and Yoga on Wednesdays will continue. Film club will also continue through the summer. There may be a short time later when the Hall will be closed completely this will be when the end wall comes down to join in the extension.

Our booked activities through the next few months will start with Gardeners Question Time at 2.30 on March 21st. The afternoon will start with a short talk then the speaker will be ready to answer your gardening queries.  

Next we will have our much loved Egg Decorating and Rolling  them down Foxhole Lane, that will be on Easter Monday 13th April. Start time 10am.

Then on April 25th it will be Green Fingers Coffee Morning and Plant Sale for all your flowers and veg to grow through the summer ready for show later in the year.

The last of my Hall responsibility will be the AGM at 7pm on April 28th. Do come and look at the Plans for the build and have a drink with us from the bar

 Next month I will be able to tell you who to contact in my place for all queries for the hall. 

Thank you one and all for your continuing support of our village hall, it is there for us all to use and enjoy.

Mavis Taylor 843407 




Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          February  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall 

Welcome to 2020 and news from your village hall. 

New Year went off with a sparkle and bang!! The fireworks were again a spectacular event in good weather. Thank you to everyone on the beach and in the hall who put money into the buckets, again the collection this year covered the cost of them. The village hall was buzzing with chatter and music from Tally Oliver and Richard Bennett from mid evening on into the early hours of the morning. At one time the queue for the bar went  out and down the steps.

What a great start to we hope another exciting and productive year. We are hoping that we will be able to start the extension and car park works by mid spring. This will curtail the safe use of the car park because of builders equipment etc. The hall will remain open for most of our regular users  but the  only safe access will be via the steps from the coast path. We hope to keep the works to a minimum of time.

 Before all this starts we have our usual activities booked. Our men’s Pilates on Monday evenings, coffee on Tuesday mornings and Yoga on Wednesday mornings.

Film club continues on first and second Tuesday evenings each month. Chat club lunches will be on Thursday February 6th and 20th. this month and fortnightly thereafter up to Easter.  

Open Mic night  will be on the 14th . Bring your fish supper or just come and have a pint from the bar and be entertained by our local talent.

At this time these are the only booked dates for this month. Keep an eye on the Hall Notice Board on the Lime Kiln to see any other bookings that come in after going to press.

We will still be holding our regular activities during the year starting with Egg rolling on Easter Monday. Greenfingers plant sale and coffee morning will be held earlier this year on April 25th. We will have plants ready for your greenhouse and garden to grow on for summer veg and flower displays. April 28th also brings our AGM.  Put this date into your diary. We will have the plans on display for you to look at . These are also available to view on our Website Come and chat to us about what you would like to see in your village hall . More about that next month.

February is a quiet month but nice at this time of year to be able to sit at home in the evenings in front of the fire. We hope that this year is kind to you all. If you need any information please feel free to contact me on 843407 or any other  committee members. Mavis Taylor    

Hot News since I penned this. I am delighted to confirm that we have been awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to replace our leaking roof and build our extension.  This grant combined with the generous donations from people in or connected to our village means we can now have a larger weatherproof space for more activities for all ages.

We hope the work will start after the worst of the weather has passed in early May this year. We are so looking forward to involving more people in what we do so look out for regular bulletins on progress and we will be inviting everyone to come and have a look at our newly renovated hall in due course. Mavis and the hall committee. 

Chairman’s Monthly Report for                          December / January   Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall 

I did not think that I would be Wishing you all a very Peaceful and Healthy Christmas and New Year as I write this in the middle of November. However these greetings come to you all from everyone at the Village Hall.

Looking back over the year it has been a very good one. We have had one or two sad moments but mostly it was great with lots achieved.

Last Saturday November 9th we held a very successful Winter Fair adding nicely to the growing Building and Roofing funds.

We welcomed several new stalls as well as the changed menu having sold out of pulled pork rolls and most of the mince pies and mulled wine.

The next couple of months will be busy for all of us making our own preparations for Christmas. We have kept things to a minimum because everyone will be busy.

Coffee mornings are open to all every Tuesday from 10 till 12. Our last one for this year will be Christmas Cheer on December 17th with mince pies and warming mulled wine or sherry as well as coffee, cake and cheese scones.

Chat club lunches also continue with the last one of the year on December 12th. If you haven’t yet booked please get in touch with me. We generally have the hall full for this traditional lunch.

Last month we had hoped that we would have “A Christmas Carol” one man show but unfortunately this has been cancelled.

As far as the diary is concerned that closes this year’s bookings organised by us, except the party in the hall to welcome in 2020 with fireworks on the beach at midnight. The Hall will be open from about 10pm so come and join us after your dinners to have a drink and party the Old Year out.

2020 starts with our lunches on alternate Thursdays from January 9th through until just before Easter. Everyone is welcome to come up to the hall and enjoy a freshly cooked lunch.

Next booking is Burns Night supper on Friday 24th Haggis that have run all the way from Scotland! They won‘t be too thin by the time they get here!! Posters and tickets will be on sale after New Year.

We don’t have any other bookings for next year yet but watch the noticeboards for more information.

We are applying to the lottery for a grant to help with the finances for our build that we hope will start in the spring. If you haven‘t put your name to a roof square that is on the board in the hall do come and sign it and put some pennies in the bucket. We are unable to put names onto the roof itself but the “Roof Square” Funds Board will eventually be hung in the hall as a thank you to everyone who has donated to it.

Our Village Hall is for the use of everyone in our community, dinners, parties, other village fundraising events, new clubs that you would like as well as the established ones like Film Club and the fitness sessions on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings.

From me and the committee a very big thank you to everyone who has in any way supported us during this last year.

Seasons greeting to you all.                                                                                Mavis Taylor 843407.



Chairman’s Monthly Report for  November    Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall 

  Autumn is well with us so at the hall we have done a deep clean after the summer use. Everything taken out of cupboards and off shelves. How does the sand get into the dark back corners ?. We have given the floor a good clean and new coat of protective polish for the winter. All our weekly activities continue, Pilates for the men on Monday evenings followed next morning on Tuesdays at 10am with Coffee Morning. Wednesday mornings at 10am it’s the Yoga group. Alternate Thursdays Chat club, this month they will be on 14th and  28th. December 12th lunch will be the last this year. Christmas lunch. The list will be available soon for those who don’t come on a regular basis but wish to join us for this meal. If you know of anyone in the village who would like a home cooked meal with company on a regular basis please bring them along or contact me and we will arrange transport for them. It is always very daunting to arrive alone at any new activity so nice to be taken for first visit. Film club continues on the first and second Tuesdays of every month in the evenings. 

If you have received this parish magazine in time on November 1st to start the month Sheila Beesley has organised a Fish and Chip Supper in the hall to raise funds for RNLI. Tickets are available from shop or Chop Shop. Please come and support this evening. Living by the sea we never know when we may need to call the RNLI out and tend to forget the great work that they do and that it is all on a voluntary basis. 

November 9th this year we are holding a “Winter fair” this is replacing Holly fair. We have all new stalls this year as well as cakes and a big table of jams, relishes and pickles. Try before you buy, little tasters on the day. This will be open at 10am and run through till mid afternoon.  Next will be Press Gang on 16th an evening of sea shanties and pasties starting at 8pm. Tickets again from shop and hairdressers.  Sheila will be in the hall again on November 23rd with the RNLI Shop Sale for you to buy your Christmas cards calendars and presents. 

December 22nd we are hoping to have Dave Mynne with ” A Christmas carol” a one man show of Charles Dickens story, an evening of entertainment. It’s then almost new year and a party followed by fireworks on the beach. 

We have the hall web site with all information on it or contact me Mavis Taylor 843407 for all information. 


Chairman’s Monthly Report for October          Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall. October 2019

Hello everybody, summer has left us for another year so we now look forward to woolly jumpers and warm evenings by the fire. There is always something nice in every season of the year.  Here in the Hall we have had a very busy summer of bookings from Birthday Parties, Weddings, Art Exhibitions, Produce Show, Art and Craft shows as well as the regular things like Wednesday morning Yoga and Monday nights Pilates. Coffee mornings on Tuesdays 10am to 12  followed in the evenings on first and second weeks of the month with Film nights. By the time you read this we will have done our twice yearly deep clean of the Hall with the floor having a new coat of polish after it summer of sandy feet

Pub nights recommenced  on Friday 13th September and will run on alternate Fridays throughout winter months. Come up and bring your fish supper or other meal that you choose and enjoy it with friends chatting over a pint or a glass of wine from the bar.  On the 5th October we are having a Caribbean night of food and fun, fancy dress if you like. The tickets will be available from the shop, hairdressers and coast path cafe. Chat club lunches have restarted and will be on 17th and 31st of this month and fortnightly up until the Christmas dinner on December 12th .  We serve lunch at about 12.30. everyone is welcome . 

A BIG DAY on 24th of October from 10am. For those of you who knew the late Glen Dutton his sister Ann is raising funds for Cancer Research. She is having all her hair shaved off. A VERY brave thing to do . Everyone is invited to come up to the hall and support her and raise money for a great charity. There will be a raffle, competitions, cakes for sale as well as tea and coffee. Ann will be putting posters up all around the villages. If anyone would like to help by donating prizes or cakes she would appreciate it. The BIG C affects us all at some time.  

Our month ends with a race night on Saturday 26th. This will be run by us the hall committee this time as we now own all the films etc. We are needing to swell the funds for our Build and New Roof. When you come into the hall have a look at the board with the roof tiles on it. Each square shows that someone has made a donation. We are not able to put your name onto the finished roof but the paper roof that sits in the hall now will be framed and hung on the wall at a later date. 

If you need to contact us for any reason any of committee members can help or contact me on 843407 or Richard 842482 or go onto our website 


Chairman’s Monthly Report for August / September  Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall. 

The beautiful weather that we are enjoying whilst I write this we hope will continue through the school holidays for all the visitors to our village.

August starts with Produce Show Day on the 3rd. We hope you have lots of things to enter in all the classes. This will be our second and we hope to have a big successful day. With the dry weather this year during the growing season it will be interesting to see how well our gardens have survived and produced fruit and vegetables. The cooking and craft classes do not depend on the weather. There are also classes for the children. Setting up will be on Friday evening and early on Saturday morning. The hall will then be evacuated for the judging of all the entries then once the doors open again the prize giving will follow at 12 midday . See our notice boards for schedule and timings.

 On the evening of Saturday 10th August we have a return of Dino Baptiste. This evening of jazz music played on keyboard is not to be  missed entry by tickets only. Posters will be up with all information.

Later in the month we will be holding our annual Day on the Sand. As usual we will have Adult and Children’s Tombolas. Food and games on the beach as well as the sand sculpture building competition. 

The cafe staff will be holding another food evening soon please keep an eye out on the notice board for information.

Into September and we are thinking about the autumn, this is when Pub Nights start again on 13th. Bar will be open from 6pm. Bring your fish and chips up to eat with friends and a pint or you are welcome to bring your own supper from home and eat with us. We will run these evenings every two weeks through the winter months.

On 27th there will be an Open Mic night. We would love to have a sing song or listen to you play. It is just a bit of fun between friends not necessarily a polished performance. It’s Friday night so bring that school child of whatever age to entertain us and have a go 8 to 80 plus. See the noticeboards for information or contact Pete on 843997. 

Lastly later on September 21st at 2.30pm we will be holding our second Gardening Club Forum. Talk with question and answer session , see what you have to do in your garden before the winter.

We have the prices in from the builders so we can now start going to charities for grant funding to build our Extension. All our fundraising goes into the funds to enlarge the hall to produce a stage area.

For bookings and information please contact . Mavis 843407, Looby 844506 leaving a message she will return your call. Richard 842482 or any committee member.  Mavis Taylor.



Chairman’s Monthly Report for July Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall. 

Hello to you all .

Last years summer has not been repeated yet but we are all expecting it to arrive any day.

The village is beginning to get busy with visitors enjoying the beach most days.

 We have two lunches in July before we have our summer break. They will be on 11th and 25th July at 12 midday for chat before sitting down to lunch at about 12.30pm.

The hall has several private bookings during the month for birthdays and weddings.

Then we will be seeing all our friends at street fair on July 27th . We must all remember that the road is closed on that day from early morning till mid afternoon. To try and avoid traffic congestion we will try to work our one way system for early deliveries and those setting up stalls. The closure through the day will be from the top of Church Street and Foxhole Lane and from just below the Car Park down to the beach. If you have a stall and need to bring your things to set up the route  is from the triangle along Chute Lane down Church Street and up Canton to unload then park in the  Car Park for the day. If you are just a visitor come and enjoy the stalls lining the road. Lots of fundraising stalls , food, and fun open from 10am.

August starts with our newly restored produce, plants , flowers, cooking and handicrafts show. It was such a success last year so we are hoping for bigger and better this year. The show schedule is pinned up on the notice board on the lime kiln and on the hall website. Paper copies are in the Coastpath Cafe and the Hall or ask one of the committee. Come and join us and have a go.

On the 4th and 5th the old village photos will be on display. If you have any of the Village from 1970 onward we would love to see them and perhaps have copies for our collection. Contact Michael Bunney or anyone on the hall committee. Do come and have another look at them.

August brings the wonderful Dino Baptiste back to us with his wonderful keyboard and musical skills. If you have not been before it is worth every penny of the ticket price. They will be on sale in shop and hairdressers and from the Coastpath Cafe or phone me for them.

Then later in the month we will all be on the beach for our annual Day on the Sand building sculptures and castles as well as food to eat and tombolas one for the children one for the adults.

Then to round off the month of August we are planing an American evening with food and fancy dress if you like.

Watch this space because after the summer is over we are planing an Open Mic Evening for all those budding musicians in the area. No pressure just for fun. Have a great summer when it arrives. For any information connected to the hall give me a ring on 843407. 



Chairman’s Monthly Report for June Parish Magazine

Memorial Village Hall 

Another month has flown past and we are now really thinking summer.  

We held our AGM  in April but too late to report in May issue. Several members of the public joined us and enjoyed a drink after the business part of the meeting.  We had the plans of extension on display so we were able to answer questions about them and the day to day running of the hall.  Once we have the builders prices we will be adding some fundraising activities to pay for the extension and a complete new roof for the whole building.

When you read this we will have held our plant sale and coffee morning so we are hoping that you will now be growing all your plants ready for show time on August 3rd. Let’s make this show bigger. We had lots of entries last year so it will be good to see even more people entering and having fun this year. Grow veg and flowers, make jam and chutney, bake a cake or do some crafts. There are children’s classes as well.

 Our web site is now up and working so do log on to see the show schedule. If you would like a paper schedule they can be found in the hall and coast path cafe or ring 843407 and I will deliver one to you. You will also find the diary and contact numbers. 

Chat clubs in June will be on 13th and 27th if you feel like lunch and haven’t booked do come along there is always enough to go round. It is always helpful if you know you are coming to ring and choose from the menu .

We have several private parties booked during the month as well as a wedding.

Thinking ahead into July we will be making plans for Street Fair at the end of the month. If you wish to book a place for a stall ring either Richard 842482 or Mavis 843407.

All the regular clubs continue, men’s Pilates on Monday evenings, coffee cake and chat on Tuesday mornings 10 till 12 then , film club on the evening of the first Tuesday of each month then yoga on Wednesday mornings.

We all hope that June will bring us some nice warm summer weather to enjoy.

 If you have any queries about the hall activities, to book it for your celebration or to help us in any way give me a ring. Enjoy the summer and stay safe and well.

Mavis Taylor 843407




Chairman’s Monthly Report for May Parish Magazine 

Memorial Village Hall May 2019

Easter is behind us and summer is on the way. Lots of things happening at the hall.

By the time you read this we should have prices from our three builders to do the work on the stage space extension. All we have to do now is raise the funds to pay for the building. We already have the removable staging stored in a purpose built shed behind the hall. This can be brought in for use at events so that those sitting at the back can see the activity on the front stage area now raised up. 

Chat club lunches are on 2nd 16th and. 30th during May. Everyone is welcome to come , bring a friend and have a home cooked meal, meet other village friends and have a chat. All ages welcome ,this is not just for the older retired members of the village. 

All the weekly regulars continue, Monday evenings 6pm Pilates for the men . Tuesday coffee and chat 10 to 12. Wednesday mornings 10am Yoga

May 18th is Greenfingers plant sale with coffee and cake. Come and get your plants to grow on for Village Show on Saturday 3rd August. Or, may be just for your garden or allotment. Vegetables and flowering plants on our stalls.  

On the 21st the hall hosts auctioneer Michael Vaughan from 1.30 till 4pm. He will value your treasures and if you wish to sell them as an auctioneer will take and sell them for you. He has done this for the last few years.

We look forward to seeing you at our activities each month and hope you have a great summer.

If you have any questions or wish to book our hall give me a ring on 843407 or go and look at our new hall website for more contacts and information.

 Mavis Taylor . 

 Chairman’s Monthly Report for April Parish Magazine 

Memorial Village Hall 

April is the month when we start to feel the warmth of spring and look towards Easter visitors and the summer activities. We have a number of private bookings in the hall this month.

The first public one is on Friday April 12th when Ondine will be with us again. This time she will feed us Mexican food. The last two evenings we have had with her have been great. The posters will be up with the menus on it . She needs us to book in advance. If you are on face book  the menus will be circulated. Otherwise posters about the village.

The 18th brings us Anna Marie Murphy from Kneehigh with another evening of storytelling. “ The Winding World“. Tells the true story of a baby found in the snow in a Cornish cove,  starting at 7.30pm. Posters in shop and around the village notice boards. Tickets available nearer the date.

Easter Saturday from 6pm Tally Oliver will be in the hall with an assortment of invited singers and musicians. She will be fundraising for Syrian refugees.  Posters will again be about the village as for all our hall activities.

Easter Monday is the day to bring your decorated eggs to the hall at 10am and have them judged then roll them down Foxhole Lane. Prizes for all first places and some consolation ones. Tea coffee and cake on sale from the kitchen. It’s a busy few days because on the next day Tuesday 23rd we have the hall AGM at 7pm. Come and join us to hear about the things that we have done this last year and we will have the extension plans on display.

May will bring us our annual Greenfingers Coffee morning. This will be on 18th this year. Plants and all sorts of drinks and food goodies. Come and get the plants you need to grow for show on August 3rd. If you have spare plants we will be grateful to have them and sell to raise funds for the extension and roof.

We have the show schedules in the hall and cafe and it will be found on our new village hall website. There is a link from the village web site.

Don’t forget Pilates on a Monday evening first session at 5.30 , there are lots of men enjoying these sessions.

Wednesday mornings are for yoga, start time 10am .

Don’t forget Tuesday mornings from 10 am in the hall there is always coffee and chat in good company.

For information about our village hall and it’s activities or to hire the folk to contact are me Mavis Taylor 843407 Richard 842482. 

Now that we have our web site you can also contact us on there if telephone numbers are unavailable. 

Chairman’s Monthly Report for March Parish Magazine 

Memorial Village Hall 

March is here and the old saying March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. Well I think as I write this in February March has come early because it is blowing a gale outside. We are though looking forward to some nicer weather.

Our planning permission was granted by CC to build a small extension to the hall into the car park to enable us to have a stage area. Those of you who have come to shows in the hall will know that when you sit at the back it is hard to see what is happening up front. With a stage we will all be able to see. We now start the round of applying for grants to supplement our own savings.

All our regular activities continue with parties and weddings booked in through the next few months.

We have a new web site that you can find at  It is still under development but gives you lots of information about the hall’s history and day to day diary of events and bookings. One or two things that are extra to regular bookings.

An afternoon of gardening interest on Saturday March 2nd at 2.30 a talk and question time. No need to book just come and see, listen and ask questions about those pesky grubs or plant problems. We will have a few plants for sale as well.

The next big booking is at Easter, on Saturday April 20th there will be a fundraising evening for an organisation helping Syrian refugees. Tally Oliver, Jamie Crowe, Matthew Fox and Richard Bennett will be joined by other musical friends to offer a varied programme. There will be food available as well as the usual bar. Look out for posters around the village and on social media for more details.

Next will be Egg Rolling on Easter Monday 22nd starting at 10.00am. Get thinking about your eggy designs.

On the next day Tuesday 23rd April we will hold our AGM. At 7pm. It’s open to all do come and meet us and hear all about the progress we have made this year. We will have our plans on display for you to see after the meeting with drinks, nibbles and chat. It is your opportunity to talk to us and give us your thoughts and ideas for your village hall.

Into May on 18th it’s Greenfingers coffee morning. If you have excess plants for your needs or you are looking for plants for veg growing or flower borders come and buy or sell some . Those veg will come in useful in the kitchen but also at our show on August 3rd. Remember you can contact us at any time. Here are some numbers of  folk who can help you. Mavis Taylor 843407. Richard Bennett 842482 Jo Stuart Thompson 843465 If no reply try the next number.

Mavis Taylor 


Chairman’s Parish Magazine Message  —  February

Memorial Village Hall February 2019

Welcome to the new year.                                                                                       Lots of things happening in the next few months.                                   February starts on the 1st with pub night then alternate Fridays until Easter. The hall will be open at 6pm, plates in the oven to warm ready for you to bring your supper from the chippy or home to eat with us and enjoy with a pint from the bar and good company.                                                                                                                Chat club lunches will be on 7th and 21st. come at 12 and have a chat ready to eat at 12.30pm.                                                                              Into March we have a new fixture which we hope will be either twice a year or three monthly depending on support and demand . It is a gardening talk and question time. Starting on the 2nd at 2.30. Spring and autumn seem to be a sensible spread but summer and winter meetings if requested.                                                  Coffee mornings continue every Tuesday from 10am  and film club on the first Tuesday evening of the month.                                         As I type this we are awaiting the reply from Cornwall planning department to see if we get our permission to extend the hall enough to give us a stage area. When we get it we will be going to companies and trusts asking for grants. We will use all local tradesmen to do the work for us if possible. It is so important to do this and work as a community.                                                                      Our dates for later in the year are Egg rolling starting at 10am on Easter Monday morning . Then on the next day it will be our hall AGM  at 7pm. We would be pleased to see you. I know that AGMs are very dry and boring but you will be able to see that we are an active and vibrant group working to give you a bright and pleasant hall to hold any activity you would like. We will be able to show you the plans for our extra developments.                      Greenfingers plant and coffee morning will be on May 18th this year. You can come and buy your plants to grow on for our show on August 3rd. The schedule will soon be available to see what plants you need and which crafts and cooking classes you would like to enter.                                                                                                                     Day on the sand will be on August 19 because the tide will be good for us on that day.                                                                                             Don’t forget that if your New Year resolution was to be fitter this year we have Pilates for the men on Monday evenings and Yoga for the ladies on Wednesday mornings at 10am.                           Any queries do give me a ring on 843407.   Spring is on the way. Mavis Taylor.

Update  —  Great News                                                                                            Since this was written Cornwall Council have approved our Planning Application!

Chairman’s December message for Parish Magazine

 Memorial Village Hall
December/January 18/19
Greetings for Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


I have to write this in middle of November and it seems strange sending good wishes from us all at the hall at this time but by the time you read this we will all be thinking about the festive period. We have had a very good year with lots of changes and improvements to look back on.
Next year is also going to be exciting with more developments. I hope to bring you news in the next magazine.
At the end of Nov we will be decorating the hall for all the seasonal festivities. As well as the booked private parties Holly Fair will be on December 1st.
New stalls this year for your presents and from the kitchen, mince pies with a glass of sherry or just a cake and coffee. Open at 10am.
Christmas lunch is on the 6th this year if you haven’t booked yet and would like to come give me a ring to book. We start serving at 12.30 so come early and have a drink before you eat.
There will be Carols at the triangle on the evening of 7th with mulled wine and mince pies, if it is wet we will retire to the hall and sing around the Christmas tree there.
11th Dec we have Craig bringing us his Christmassy puppet show, fun for all the family however young or old starting at 6pm.  Tickets will be available from Cakebreads and Chop shop.
We will open the hall for you to come and watch the Strictly final on the big screen with your friends and a pint from the bar. It will be the same time as on the television.
The last activity for 2018 will be a party from 10pm to welcome in the New Year with our usual fireworks on the quay. Music and the bar will be open.

Welcome to 2019.
Our first booking on going to press is January 16th. A night of food with Ondine.
Please watch the posters as menus not yet decided 7pm.
Chat club starts again on 10th and then fortnightly 12.30 for a great home cooked lunch. It would be lovely to start the new  year with some new faces. If you would like to come but not happy to come into the hall on your own please give me a ring and we will collect you until you have made some friends. 25th January sees our Burns Night supper 7pm to eat at about 7.30pm. If you have any questions about the hall or our activities please give me a ring and I will help if I can. Remember we have good parking for a few cars, easily accessible for the disabled.
We wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year from everyone at the hall and me , Mavis Taylor. tel. 843407



Regular Events

Film Society                                                                                                               First  Tuesday of every Month                                                                   Contact :- Richard Bennett  01726 842482

Coffee Morning  — Temporarily Suspended                                         Every Tuesday Morning  —  10.00am

Yoga    —  Temporarily Suspended                                                                Wednesday Mornings                                                                                     Contact :- Anne 07519172806

Pub Night   —  Temporarily Suspended                                                    Every other Friday night at 6pm                                                              Bring along your Fish and Chips!

Open Mic —  Temporarily Suspended                                                      Open Mic will now be held on the last Friday of Month             starting on March 27th. —  See Diary Bookings for future       dates


Chat Club (Lunch in the Village Hall) —                                                      Every other Thursday except for Summer and Christmas        breaks.  —Temporarily Suspended

Pilates for Men                                                                                                        Monday Evenings from — (6.00pm)

Coming Events


If you are looking for something specific and don’t see it on this page  Please refer to Diary Bookings



MARCH 21st  —  GARDENERS QUESTION TIME 2.30pm                                                  CANCELLED                                                                       MARCH 27TH  —  OPEN MIC 7.00PM – CANCELLED


APRIL 13TH  —  EASTER EGG ROLLING AND JUDGING –                                                CANCELLED                                                              APRIL 25TH  —  GREEN FINGERS PLANT SALES and                                                          COFFEE MORNING


OCTOBER 10TH  —  PRESS GANG                                                                 VERA van HEERINGEN







 Gorran Haven Memorial Hall.

In line with the rest of the country over the covid19 virus problems the hall committee have sadly had to postpone the Annual General Meeting that was to have been held on April 28th. All bookings and planned events are now cancelled till at least late summer? Our future plans are understandably constantly under review re dates and timings. Sadly all my report in the parish magazine will be very out of date for information. We are still hoping that the building work for the extension and new roof will continue but possibly not as quickly as we had hoped because of supply of materials. However we will present you with a beautiful extended hall as soon as possible. We will have a big open day and celebration party hopefully late summer early autumn. This past year we have been very well supported by the whole village and for those who do not take the parish magazine we have together raised enough money with a very generous grant from the National Lottery to pay for the build and new roof.  

You should have all received a note from the parish council regarding support if required due to self isolation.  The hall committee supports this with some of its members taking part.  Thank you again for your support and when we are back to normal we look forward to having some exciting events for us all to enjoy. We will continue to post news here on the noticeboard. 

In the mean time stay safe and look out for each other. 

Mavis Taylor.   


Due to Virus concerns and to safeguard the more vulnerable in our Community, the following ongoing events have been postponed until further notice :-

CHAT CLUB                                                                                                                 TUESDAY COFFEE MORNING                                                                       OPEN MIC                                                                                                                    YOGA                                                                                                                               GARDENERS QUESTION TIME                                                                    GREENFINGERS PLANT SALES                                                                    MEMORIAL HALL AGM


OPEN MIC  —  Feb 14th                                                                                        Open Mic continues to be a great success with our next one on Feb 14th

HALL EXTENSION PLANS                                                                                The Hall “Extension Plans” are available to view here —  Plans

ROOF TILE FUND                                                                                                    The “Roof Square” Funds Board is available to view here  — Roof


Great News  – October 18th                                                                     The  Cafe and Snooker Room now have a newly                             repaired Roof




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