Diary Bookings



May 1st (Mon)  —  Mens/Ladies Pilates (6pm)
May 2nd  (Tue)  —  Ladies Pilates (9.30am)
May 2nd  (Tue)  —  Film Club (7pm – 10pm))
May 4th (Thur)  —  Book Club (3pm)
May 4th (Thur)  —  Tai Chi (6.30pm)
May 8th Mon)  —  Mens/Ladies Pilates (6pm)
May 9th (Tue)  —  Ladies Pilates (9.30am)
May 10th Wed)  —  Lunch Prep
May 10th Wed)  —  Defibrillator Training (6pm)
May 11th (Thur)  — Coronation Lunch at the Hall (12.15 )
May 11th (Thur)  — Tai Chi (6.30 – 7.30)
May 13th (Sat)  —  Emily Stephens – Wellbeing Event                                                                 (10am-5pm)
May 15th (Mon)  —  Julia Art Class (9am-3.30pm)
May 15th (Mon)  —  Mens and Ladies Pilates (6pm-7pm)
May 16th (Tue)  —  Ladies Pilates (9.30 -10.30am)
May 16th Tue)  —  Committee Meeting (2pm-4pm)
May 16th (Tue)  —  Film Club (7pm-10pm)
May 17th (Wed)  —  Beryl Whetter Wake (12pm- 6pm)
May 18th (Thur)  —  Tai Chi (6.30- 7.30pm)
May 20th (Sat)  —  Simon Cooke -Child Birthday Party                                                               (9am-5pm)
May 21st (Sun)  — Julia Art Class (9am-3.30pm
May 22nd (Mon)  —  Mens and Ladies Pilates (6pm-7pm)
May 23rd (Tue)  —  Ladies Pilates (9.30 -10.30am)
May 24th (Wed)  —  Circuit Training (6pm-7pm)
May 25th (Thur)  —  Plant Sale Coffee Morning (9am-2pm)
May 25th (Thur)  —  Tai Chi (6.30- 7.30pm)
May 28th (Sun)  —  Liz Tabor & Mike Curtis Wedding (9am)
May 29th (Mon)  —  Wedding (7.30am)
May 30th (Tue)  —  Wedding (7.30am-5pm)
May 31st (Wed)  —  Circuit Training (6pm-7pm)


June 1st (Thur)  —  Book Club (3pm-5pm)
June 1st (Thur)  —  Tai Chi (6.30- 7.30pm)
June 2nd (Fri)  —  Quiz Night (7pm-10pm)
June 4th (Sun)  —  Gig Club Meeting (9am-12pm)
June 5th (Mon)  —  Mens and Ladies Pilates (6pm-7pm)
June 6th (Tue)  —  Ladies Pilates (9.30 -10.30am)
June 6th  (Tue)  —  Film Club (7pm – 10pm)